The state of the peoples (or are we lemurs?)

09-24-2006 21:54

So for an update.  The bigger small thing (Sierra) is happily into her first grade year and liking her new teacher (who happens to be a former intern from my program).  The smallest thing (Isabella) has started school as well and is liking her teacher muchly.  She has been there since mid/late August and settled in to being a bundle of activity and baby/toddler mayhem (she is “busy Izzy”) there as much as she is at home.  The smaller big thing (Shawnacy) has started classes and is doing well across the board, including the class with the prof that was needing forcibly retired when I had him ‘back in the day’.   She has a major exam in the morning and is presently rereading her notes for the (I lost count three times ago)th time.  The biggest thing (that would be Chris of course) is, as has been status quo for the last decade (I officially got my ten year service pin), teaching at UH’s Human Development Lab School.  Having rewritten the intake interview and child evaluation instruments used by the school, updating them by twenty or more years of progressive reality, he is back to planning the upgrades, repairs and modifications for the school’s playground.  Next weekend will be spent, hopefully with enough parent labor to make a difference, laying in 20-50 feet of French drain and trying to repair the 160 feet that have already been installed.


09-03-2006 20:28

This is the inaugural post for the site.  Everyone is fine.  The children are smart, the grownups are tired.